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Released in 1999 by Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto 2 is an action-adventure game that immerses players in the intense power dynamics of seven merciless gangs vying for control in the fictional town of Anywhere, USA. Diverging from the perspective of later GTA games, this installment is experienced from a top-down view. Noteworthy enhancements include an upgraded save system, the introduction of engaging side missions, and the opportunity to undertake missions on behalf of distinct gangs. For those seeking assistance in navigating the treacherous criminal underworld, here are some cheat codes to aid your journey.

Grand Theft Auto 2 Cheats for Playstation, PC and Dreamcast

Turbo modeIGNITION
Display coordinatesWUGGLES
Maximum wanted levelDESIRESBADBOYS
Get 10 million pointsBIGSCORE
Debug basic scriptsNOFRILLS
Player get pointsDANISGOD
Unlimited cashIAMPLAYA
Max respect from all gangsMADEMANALLFREND
Free shoppingEATSOUP
Keep weapons after deathARSESTARLOSTTOYS
10x multiplierSEGARULZ
Skip exploding scoresCOCKTART
All weapons and max ammoGODOFGTA
Basic set of weapons and max ammoDAVEMOON
Electro Gun with infinite ammoVOLTFESTBIGFRIES
Flame Thrower with infinite ammoFLAMEONTOASTIES
Unlimited double damageSCHURULZDBLWAMMY
Unlimited „get out of jail free“ cardsJAILBAIT
Only mugger peds spawnBUCKFAST
All peds are nakedNEKKID
Only Elvis peds spawnLASVEGASERRHUH
All cars are mini carsFISHFLAP
Unlock levels one and twoGINGERRR
Unlock three main levelsUKGAMER
Unlock all levels and bonus levelsTUMYFROG

* Claude Speed will still die if he goes in water or is still in a car when it explodes.

Other GTA II Cheat Codes

Debug Mode Cheat Codes for PlayStation

The following cheats can be activated while in Debug mode and pressing buttons on controller two.

Cheat CodeEffect
SquareGet $100,000 cash.
CircleClear your wanted level.
SelectToggle display of location coordinates.
L1, L2, or R1Toggle gang popularity. Each button corresponds to a specific gang.

Game Shark Codes

The following cheats can be used in the Game Shark game console.

Joker Command D0035510 ????

Infinite Lives 80120008 0063

Infinite Health 80145A9A 0064

Invincible 30026348 0001

All Weapons 3002634E 0001

Unlock All Areas 30026349 0001

Unlock All Normal Areas 80024F24 0003

Unlock All Bonus Areas D0024F1C 0000 80024F1C 0001 80024F28 0009

5x Multiplier 3002634B 0001

10 Million Points 3002634C 0001

Most Wanted 3002634F 0001

Infinite Bonus & Kill Frenzy Time 800A419A 2400

Debug Basic Scripts 3002634D 0001

No Cops 3002634A 0001

No Cops 80145A8E 0000

Lots of Cops 80145A8E 2EE0

No Kills 8012A870 0000

Max Number of Kills 8012A870 FFFF

Max Money 8011FD0C 967F 8011FD0E 0098

Have Pistol (Kill Frenzy Ammo) D0164D6C 0000

80164D6C FFFF

Max Pistol Ammo D0164D6C 0000 80164D6C 03E7

Have Shotgun (Kill Frenzy Ammo) D0164E5C 0000 80164E5C FFFF

Max Shotgun Ammo D0164E5C 0000 80164E5C 03E7

Have S-Uzi Machinegun (Kill Frenzy Ammo) D0164D94 0000 80164D94 FFFF

Max S-Uzi Machinegun Ammo D0164D94 0000 80164D94 03E7

Have Flame-Thrower (Kill Frenzy Ammo) D0164EAC 0000 80164EAC FFFF

Max Flame-Thrower Ammo D0164EAC 0000 80164EAC 03E7

Have Rocket Launcher (Kill Frenzy Ammo) D0164DBC 0000 80164DBC FFFF

Max Rocket Launcher Ammo D0164DBC 0000 80164DBC 03E7

Have Tazer (Kill Frenzy Ammo) D0164E84 0000 80164E84 FFFF

Max Tazer Ammo D0164E84 0000 80164E84 03E7

Have Zapper (Kill Frenzy Ammo) D0164DE4 0000 80164DE4 FFFF

Max Zapper Ammo D0164DE4 0000 80164DE4 03E7

Have Molotav Cocktail (Kill Frenzy Ammo) D0164E0C 0000 80164E0C FFFF

Max Molotav Cocktail Ammo D0164E0C 0000 80164E0C 03E7

Have Grenades (Kill Frenzy Ammo) D0164E34 0000 80164E34 FFFF

Max Grenades D0164E34 0000 80164E34 03E7

All Weapons (Normal Max Ammo) (GS 3.0 or Higher Needed) D0164D6C 0000 50000B28 0000 80164D6C 03E7

All Weapons (Kill Frenzy Ammo) (GS 3.0 or Higher Needed) D0164D6C 0000 50000B28 0000 80164D6C FFFF