gta 1 cheats logoDevelopers of the first episode of GTA wanted make a game process easier for some players, so they created a list of cheat codes. These codes allow instant access to locked maps, levels, infinite ammunition and another enhanced functions of the game.

Codes for GTA 1 must be typed in instead of player’s name. Sometimes cheats don’t work and a player should enter them while playing or do it from the Pause Menu. These situations can occur when you are using non-official instalation of the game or after modification of source code. It is recommended to use the original game files and game instalations.

The list below represents a complete list of cheat codes for GTA 1 which allows you to easily unlock hidden potentials of the game. The cheat codes are usable on the original platforms(PlayStation, PC, MAC and simulation game consoles).

NOTE: Remember that common use of cheat codes may reduce your excitement in the game process. The developers of GTA 1 added opportunity of applying cheat codes for the purpose of speeding up the testing process of the game.

GTA 1 cheats for PC and MAC

Cheat code: Effect:
ITSGALLUS or SUPER WELL or NINEINAROW Unlock all cities and all levels in the game.
SUCKMYROCKET All armor, weapons and „Get out of jail card“.
IAMTHELAW or STEVESMATES No police in the game.
&MACHINE x10 points multiplier enabled.
BUCKFAST or CALLMENIGEL All weapons are available to you. Just press the „*“ on a keyboard.
ITSTANTRUM or 6031769 Get infinite number of lives.
HATE MACHINE (or HATEMACHINE) Increase of point multiplier(10x multiplier).
HEARTOFGOLD View all FMV sequences.
IAMGARYPENN The player’s character starts using swear words (Enable offensive language).
IAMNOTGARRPENN Turn off „Swear words“ mode (Disable offensive language).
ITCOULDBEYOU Get 999,999,999 points.
ENIGMA Enable „UFO police“ mode.
PORKCHARSUI Debug Mode enabled!

GTA 1 cheats for PlayStation

Cheat code: Effect:
WEYHEY Money cheat for $9,999,990 (points). Its credited to the player’s account.
SATANLIVES Live cheat. The number of your lives increases up to 99.
TVMAN Some districts of San Andreas are unlocked. (Part 1 and part 2)
T H E S H I T All Cheats enabled.
CAPRICE or TURF All Cities are unlocked.
URGE All cities except Vice City are unlocked.
BSTARD Unlock all maps in game,infinite ammo in weapons and number of lives increases up to 99.
GROOVY or MADEMAN Get all weapons. (All weapons are avalible)
PECKINPAH Cheat for all the weapons, armored jacket and a free Jail Card.
BLOWME Enables coordinates display.(You can see coordinates.)
EXCREMENT Game experience multiplier equals to 5. That mean for instance, $100 (points) earned will turn to 500 (100×5 = 500).
HANGTHEDJ Cheat code for your immortality (God mode).
SKYBABIES Level select (allows selecting game level).
INGLORIOUS Level Select with Extra Options.(Allows selecting any game level and setting additional parameters.)
FECK A part1 and part2 of Liberty City is unlocked.
CHUFF No police.(Police do not notice crimes.)
SKYBABIES Level select (allows selecting game level).
EATTHIS Maximum „Wanted“ level is enabled.

Debug Mode

With debug mode enabled, you can press the following keys to activate these „cheats“.

Effect: Key:
Display current status and coordinates. C
Get all weapons with full ammo [Numpad *]
Restart the level F12
Change the screen mode R
Pause and advance single frame [Numpad +]
Screen capture in .TGA format.
(Saved as DUMP.TGA in the /GTADOS folder.)
Center camera view Home
Zoom in (aerial camera) L
Zoom out (aerial camera) K
Zoom in (ground camera) [
Zoom out (ground camera) ]
Pan camera up [Numpad 8]
Pan camera down [Numpad 2]
Pan camera right [Numpad 6]
Pan camera left [Numpad 4]